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How, you may ask, is depression a women’s health issue?

Depression in Woman Due to Miscarriage

Depression is a serious health concern for women — and the most common reason for doctor visits. Depression affects women to men in a 3:1 ratio.

Some Causes of Depression

  • stress
  • chemical imbalance (s) related to any of the other factors
  • physical illness
  • hormone changes
  • anxiety

Treatment for Depression

The best approach to treating depression involves addressing it from many angles:

  • nutrition
  • cognition (consciously changing negative self-talk)
  • hormone changes
  • medications specific for depression
  • healthy spirituality
  • exercise

Not Just a “Mental” Illness

It may surprise you to know that depression has a physical basis: it actually causes loss and malfunction of nerve cells in the emotional control centers of the brain. Treatments for depression, both non-medical and pharmacologic, work by first reversing a chemical imbalance in the brain; and then by stimulating re-growth of the nerve cells in the emotional areas of the brain. You can take a breath and relax — it’s not all “just in your head”!

Depression responds to a number of treatments — and medication is not necessarily the best option, depending on the situation. Simple physical exercise and modification of negative thinking can be all it takes to alleviate minor depression. More serious episodes of depression may require treatment with medication. Addressing insomnia and anxiety are essential to a holistic approach to depression.

Mother and Daughter Overcoming Depression


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