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Adolescent Health

Teen daughter with mother using laptop

Is your teenage daughter suffering from irregular periods?

PMS? Mood swings? Acne?

These are common problems in young-adulthood. Fortunately, there are many ways to effectively manage all of these symptoms. And I am here to help your daughter — and you!

Did you know the average age of onset of periods in the United States is 10.5 to 11.5 years? However, most young women don’t ovulate regularly until the late teens or early twenties, so irregular periods are a common problem during the teens.

Some studies show as many as one third of teens are sexually active by age 15. Adolescence is a turbulent time for parents and teens!  I work with and support teens and parents in making sensible decisions about their sexuality and hormone issues.

Many teens present a tough or snarly exterior but are actually quite vulnerable to undiagnosed depression caused by peer, parent, and school pressures.

I try to foster self-confidence in teens so they understand their bodies and emotions, and through the power of knowledge, can make smart decisions, such as avoiding “high-risk” partners and recognizing how their hormone changes may be affecting their coping skills.

I impart perspective to my adolescent clients by placing the phase in the context of their whole selves and lives. I also emphasize that, although adolescence is temporary, decisions made during that time can “permanently” set one’s life on a given path.

Services For Adolescent Girls

  Prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmissible infections for the sexually active teen


  Treatment of mood disorders

  Treatment for depression


Do the right thing for your teenage daughter!

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