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Abnormal Bleeding

Are you tired of heavy painful periods?

Is your cycle negatively impacting your work and family?


Your abnormal bleeding can be caused by a number of factors including anatomic factors, hormonal problems, or a combination of the above.

Get Your Answers

If you’re suffering from annoying bleeding, you can expect an accurate diagnosis and array of answers to the solution in a single office visit. You have many options to treat bleeding no matter what the cause. I use in-office ultrasound to diagnose the cause of bleeding on the spot. No waiting, no need to be shuffled from the office to the hospital for more tests.

Get Your Solutions

Your heavy and irregular periods can be addressed by a number of treatment approaches individually or in combination. Some of these include hormonal manipulation, minimally invasive surgery such as endometrial ablation, or definitive surgery such as vaginal hysterectomy.

Experience + Knowledge = Good Medicine = Better Life for You

I’ve seen both sides of patients, friends, and family members encountering and coping with heavy bleeding and the available treatments. I keep abreast of cutting edge treatment for uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and other causes of abnormal bleeding.

Your concerns will be heard and together we’ll develop a treatment plan that is aligned with your overall desires and stage in life.


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Abnormal Bleeding

Find out what’s behind your abnormal bleeding & get help!

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